This amazing bungee trampoline flings you 24 feet in the air as you jump and flip on the trampolines. This extreme power jump truly gives you the sensation of being weightless while safety performing a variety of aerial flips. Experience the adrenaline rush of a bungee jump, as you perform gravity-defying stunts. Our bungee jump features 3 bungee riders at a time with a thorough trained attendant that specializes in safety and fun. Strap into the bungee harness and take off into the air. Riders feel the thrill of leaping in the air and doing countless flips while in a safe and supervised environment. The bungee cords are adjusted by weight for each individual jumper to achieve the ultimate bounce. We have harnesses for children and adults. There is no age limit for the bungee jump; we've had jumpers of all ages enjoy this extreme attraction. You must weigh between 20 pounds to 200 pounds. It is 100% safe and 200% fun!

12pm - 8pm
12pm - 8pm
12pm - 8pm
11am - 8pm
Noon - 6pm
12pm - 8pm
12pm - 8pm
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